Five things I love about today

Just a week old and this here blog has a new follower – how cool is that?!  On the advise of Mrs S (friend, blog lover but surprisingly, a non-blogger) I really need to keep my blog posts coming or else.  So, this is a mini-post but I’m smiling as I type as today is a good day.  So thank you blog follower, you’ve made me a very happy lady!

Loads more of my pins have been repinned on Pinterest.  Yay!  I love Pinterest.  Are you on it?  Would love to check out your boards.  A few of mine are empty but hey, the ideas are there, I just need to fill them up.  Pinterest was a thing I didn’t quite get but with a photography business to promote it’s the most perfect platform to showcase Jon’s work.  I discovered the hashtag & the need for some keywords. Combined with some super-great images I’ve now got a few boards sorted & it’s just great to get ‘likes’ & ‘repins’.  Makes my day.


I’ve just signed up to StumbleUpon.  If I’m totally honest I’ve not got a clue what I’m doing but I’ve got myself a fancy ‘Likes’ page, I’ve registered this blog & I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my new addiction!  If you like reading blogs, it seems like a fantastic way to organise, share & find things that are of interest.  For some reason I’ve got Bob Marley on my page – no idea how he got there!


I’ve been a slob for months now.  No, that doesn’t make me smile but my rather belated new years resolutions do.  I’m declaring February the new January when it comes to IMG_20130130_134120changing things.  A dodgy knee kicked my running into touch last year & so I’ve done a great big, fat zero for months now.  Well yesterday, inspired by my 10 year who struggled through a particularly muddy cross country run (he fell over but he picked himself up & ran on, bloody knee & all – way to go H!) I went for a quick (& very short!) run & today I’m aching.  Now THAT makes me smile!  This afternoon there should just be time to give the Tracy Anderson 15 minute workout a go & just like that I’m back on track!  Oh yes, February is very much the new January in this house today!

I can see a blue(ish) sky from my desk window.  For now the rain has stopped, the greyness of the winter is lifting & I’m looking forward to the month ahead.

Don’t you just love Fridays?!