Pin badges, forest friends & other such randomness

Well, that was a crazy week…I set myself the task of a ‘post a day’ & I got through my first week with some lovely comments, lots of likes & some new follows (style people Stateside, oh yeah).  My blogging desk (not my work desk, that would be way too distracting) has done me proud, so thank you my lime green lovely.

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And so what else…

A Blue Peter badge arrived this morning to one very happy chappy who now thinks that his half term break will be a round of free day trips out!  Oh the disappoint to come.

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Myself & Mr B hit to local press in the business section, 10 year (going on 16 year old) hit the front page of the local rag (school Math’s week dressing up day) & Blue Peter badge owner features in an online glossy dressed as a dapper Mr Fox.  Hang on a minute, who stole my life?  All totally random & I’m sure never to be repeated again. 15 minutes of fame over & out.



My bestest friend (& high flying ad-woman) hit the newstands too but reading her news came with a mixture of delight, pride & total sadness.  Her industry are saying a fond farewell to Mrs L & her family as they head to Australia (her super successful/talented husband is to head up an ad agency there, hence the press coverage).  Gutted doesn’t cover it.  The kids are already talking bush-tucker trials, outback adventures & scuba.  I’m manically filling the penny jar on a daily basis to fund the round the world jaunt but in the meantime there’s always skype I suppose.

So here’s to Friday.  It’s been a whirlwind week on the work front so looking forward to dinner with the ladies this evening.  Just got the small task of getting 6 boys ready for the school disco tonight.  (deep breath).

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