The mother of all mother’s day gifts – La Prairie Skin Cavier

For the last month I’ve been in skincare heaven.  I don’t have time for a 3 step routine.  Usually I don’t even have time for a slap of moisturiser but since Christmas I’ve been religious with the application of this miracle cream.  I swear, La Prairie Skin Cavier has got to be one of the best skin moisturisers out there.  I just love it.  It doesn’t come cheap (I’m talking £250+ depending on where you buy it) but my skin has never felt so amazing.

la prairie_930

It must be a must-have as when I looked to add a link to the House of Fraser website it’s sold out so here’s a link to John Lewis instead.  (Here it’s coming in at between £275-£475 so be warned!).

Usually in any given six week period I’ll have some kind of out-break, even if it’s just the odd spot here or a pimple there.  My skin will definitely feel dull & dry (not helped by no sun & grey skies) but for the last month & a half my skin has felt fresh, silky & firm.  It’s felt awake, even when it’s been on it’s last legs.

The only downside of being religious about applying a cream daily is that this happens…

la prairie_929


Unfortunately La Prairie Skin Cavier is a miracle cream but it doesn’t come in a miracle pot.  I’ve tried rubbing it like Aladin’s lamp but more cream just won’t appear (the magic porridge pot it isn’t).  And so I’ve come to the end of my 6 week fling with something wonderful.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be lucky enough to use this cream again but if you ever have the chance, try it.  It really is amazing.