From the school gates to ‘Potato-gate’.

From the school gates to ‘Potato-gate’

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Over the last few weeks the issue of school places has had the WGG tongues wagging.  We’re all well aware of the rising number of school-aged children in the town and the issue of primary school places.  The council are expanding primary education facilities for September 2013 and new schools are underway.  But it’s so heart breaking to hear of the many tales of siblings going to different schools, not to mention the logistics of perhaps getting 3 kids to different schools all before 9am (and don’t get me started on traffic hold-ups!).  Consequently there’s been a lot of shoulders to cry on, masses of support, advice and reassurance from families in similar situations.  It’s great to see groups of people who would otherwise have been strangers coming together to be build friendships as their children will start to move in the same circles.

And as with any week on WGG things move fast.  We went from school gate gossip to Potatogate in a matter of moments.  Not as ridiculous as it may sound, ‘Potatogate’ was discussing how healthy our humble tatty is now deemed to be?

Some people got into a terrible mash but as with everything health related, we’ve got a fantastic group of health professionals on WGG, all ready to offer sound eating advise.  Sometimes a discussion as simple as ‘should I be eating a jacket with that?’ can escalate into a bit of an all guns blazing debate, the admin police head in and warnings are issued.  But my suspicions were wrong on this one and it was good to see that Potatogate didn’t turn into the hot potato I expected it to.

And I didn’t want this week to go by without a mention to the marvellous Wokingham Town Team.  I only really found out about this team of dynamos at the recent WGG Networking Event.  Taking inspiration from the Mary Portas High Street initiative, they want to inject some life into Wokingham town centre and get people excited in the process.

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The success of WGG has shown us all that Wokingham is a very special place indeed.  The people are passionate, sociable and driven and so if you want to get involved, drop them a line.  I’m popping along to a meeting on Friday to see if I can help with PR (and my other half has been roped in to a help with photography for Fashion Week).  Perhaps there’s something you can offer in terms of help…

Enjoy the rest of your week & stay inspired!