The forecast for January. Dry. Very Dry.

Dry January, Wokingham Gossip Girls, Gossip Girl Talks, Wokingham, Blog, blogger, Berkshire, bloggers, Rachel BradleyEveryone keeps telling that January is flying by. It sure as hell is dragging by for me. I’m half way though Dry January and its tough. Really tough. “Never again” is the reaction of most people I tell. For them it’s either an experience never to be repeated again UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Or they think it’s the most ridiculous idea ever. I have to say, as I’m sat here on Friday evening, trying to enjoy my homemade gingerade on the rocks I wonder if they do have a point.

But no. Mr B often makes reference to my will of steal. It will not be buckled by a goblet of the smooth red stuff. Not on your nelly. I WILL do this and what’s more, I might even carry it over into February. Yes, you heard right.

Because although it’s a killer, the reality is I’m more often than not on teen-taxi duty at the weekends now. How many parties can a 13 year possibly attend in one month? A lot it would seem.

But sobriety does have some golden moments. I’m sleeping solidly. I’m eating well (no hangover carb binges) and now that I’m embarking on a new fitness regime, being dry is actually a bonus. Especially when classes are at 5.45am on cold, dark winter mornings.

But 10 more days is a long time. Like a child counting down to Christmas I’m literally crossing off the days until February comes around.

If you’re kick starting the year with a booze ban, how are you finding it? Please do let me know and while you’re at it if you have any soft, healthy drinks you can recommend please do. There’s only so much gingerade a girl can take.

10 days and counting….

Have a great weekend everyone and cheers!


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