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mothers meeting, mothersmeetings, gossip girl talks, gossip, girl, Wokingham Gossip Girls, women in business, networking, I’ve been meaning to fine tune my Hootsuite dashboard for a year…my blog schedule is a little tardy…my house is never really that clean and my ironing pile makes me feel physically sick. But, do you know what? I don’t really care. If I did I’d’ve stayed home today (whilst Mr Gossip took the kids out for the day) and I could’ve caught up on all the things I’ve been putting off doing. Yes I might have a slick looking dashboard, an up to date Klout score and my house might have a shimmer of sparkle. But that would have meant that I didn’t get to hang out with ‘the world’s coolest mums’. God, I really did make a good decision this fine Tuesday morning.

So where are these amazing women hanging out and how did I get to to be there? I trundled over to Bethnal Green this morning to spend 3 hours with some of the most inspiring, friendly women I’ve ever met. Most of whom were at least 15 years younger than me it has to be said, most with kids a lot smaller than mine. They were talking leaky breasts and nappy bags…I’m talking teenage strops and Fifa 16 addictions. But we all had one thing in common. We’re all winging it. Even published authors, magazine editors and PR gurus are winging it too. It felt good to know that we’re all in it together

Well, that’s not the only thing the room of 100+ women had in common. All were mums or working in businesses focused on mums & women. All had businesses or were launching into the business world. And we all wanted to share our business dreams and realities, we all wanted to help each other, we all wanted to learn.

This super cool group is the brain child of Jenny Scott who set up Mothers Meetings a few years ago. She’s got such a super model of business networking. Like nothing I’ve been to before.

I was a little scared. A business group with ‘the world’s coolest mums’ as it’s strapline. I was already a fish out of water. And when it comes to networking, I know about the networking I know about, if that makes sense. But today I was stepping out of my comfort zone.

I don’t know why I worried. I walked through to door to a face I knew from her online presence and it’s true, a familiar face makes everything so much better. None of the other faces were familiar but they were so friendly. Open, wanting to share, wanting to learn. I loved it and I can see why Mothers Meeting attracts a group of die-hards.

Today’s meeting was focused on PR and marketing to the media. So as an ex-PR I wanted to see how things have changed. It’s been a good few years since I was in the beauty/brand PR game but I’ve dipped my toe enough of late to know that things have changed a little. What was comforting was to know that they’ve not changed as much as I thought they had. My skills are still there, they’re still valuable, they’re still needed and I left feeling excited about my future plans.

Lisa Smosarski The Editor of Stylist Magazine was on the panel with Liz Matthews from Liz Matthews PR and co-editor of Hello mag Rosie Nixon.

A few things came out of it, I few things I want to take note of for my own sake as well as anyone else who’s interested. Some great things to act on and some great things to keep in mind when thinking about how to PR yourself and your brand.

So here goes…my takes out from today. When it comes to PR and marketing to the press:

Personalise your approach.

Do your research.

Show your passion – this is so important and the one thing that will shine through!

Great photos really are key (music to my ears as one half of Jon Bradley Photography @jonbradleyphoto)

Pitch at the beginning of the week – deadlines loom at the end.

Ultimately, the take out was to just do it. But do it with integrity. Do it with perspective. And above all try to get some balance. As Lisa from the Stylist said, no one wants ‘worked really hard’ on their tombstone.

Sometimes it feels like that’s all we do. Work really hard. And sometimes (most of the time) it feels like that even that’s not enough. But we all need balance and we all need perspective.

Today I left with some balance, a good dose of perspective and lots of motivation and passion. Mothers Meeting, until the next time.


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