rachel Bradley, Wokingham Gossip Girls Photography, Wokingham

Hello! Welcome to Gossip Girls Talks, my little online home.

I’m Rachel and I’m a blogger, mother of 2 and business owner. I’m lots of other things too!
Gossip Girl Talks is a place for me to share all the things a love…healthy eating, good reads & cool finds I come across as I go about my rather hectic life!
Alongside being mum to my two boys and a business partner to my amazingly talented photographer husband, I’m passionate about women in business. I want to share & inspire others with business tips, advice and introduce you to the people I meet in my job & through the networking I do.

And why Gossip Girl Talks? Well up until not that many years ago I was a northern living & working in London.
Two kids and a business later, we upped sticks and moved to Wokingham. Not knowing a soul I founded Wokingham Gossip Girls, a Facebook Group used and loved by over 10,000 women in the Berkshire area. As the business grew (& my spare time shrunk!), I stepped down in my role as admin of the group and now spend my time working for Mr B, blogging & networking with the most amazing people.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy reading my little blog & don’t forget to keep in touch with my via Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.