Good old fashioned mousse

Not sure where that weekend went – a round of snow tubing, cinema, football & birthday parties (plus a cheeky night out for me) ensured that when yesterday afternoon arrived it was the perfect chance to relax over a roast with friends. I decided to go retro with Lemon...


There’s nothing I like more than a challenge so today I’m setting myself a BIG one.  It’s still the start of the year in my book, enthusiasm is still brimming so I’ve decided to be part of the Post A Day 2013.  I’m attached to my computer like a limpet for the most part of the day so it should be a breeze, right?

Who knows what insights, inspirations & ideas will flow forth….between me & my little Einsteins we could solve some mysteries, challenge some theories & break some records.  But for today it’ll just have to be a post about Flapjacks!

flapjacks, post a day

At the start of every week I go into cooking/baking mode.  So as not to fill my kids lunch boxes with junk I slow bake a small ham on a Sunday/Monday to fill sandwiches & pasta salads throughout the week (if there’s any left, it’s great in a Pea & Ham soup too).  I don’t know what it is about sliced, shop bought ham.  Something about it just looks…well, wrong.  I know it’s not toxic but I really can’t stand it.  So, with a plentiful supply of roasting bags, lots of honey & a smearing of my favourite mustard, the oven goes on & the pig goes in.  But hey, I’m digressing somewhat.  This post is about flapjacks not ham.  Sorry.

It’s at the start of the week that I bake a batch of flapjacks.  Sweet, chewy & delicious, they get wrapped in paper & popped into lunch boxes.  So as to keep this weekly cook-athon interesting, I try to vary my flapjack recipes, with varying degrees of success.  Seeds, fruit, nuts, molasses, agave syrup…each week different things get thrown in, depending on what’s in my cupboard.  What comes out is sometimes a big hit.  Other times a sloppy, sugary mess.  This weeks recipe was described as ‘the best yet’ by my panel of experts (less of a panel more of a taster in the shape of 7 year old George).  So with a 10 out of 10 from him, I thought I’d share.

8 oz butter

8 tbsp golden syrup

6oz sugar 

16oz oats

1/2 tsp salt

Chocolate chips

brownie tinGrease & line a brownie tin.  This is mine.  It’s 10″ x 8″ & in perfect for this kind of thing.  Make sure you line as they are very sticky when they come out so it makes the cutting process so much easier.

Put butter & syrup into a pan.  Leave on low heat until butter has melted.

Take off the heat, add sugar, oats & salt.  At this point, I added some chocolate chips I found at the back of my cupboard.  Mix thoroughly.

Turn mixture into prepared tin.

Bake for 30-40 minutes (it’ll depend on your oven) on a low heat.  I had my oven on 160.

Leave to cool in tin for a few minutes, cut and leave in the tin to cool.

This makes lot of little square flapjacks.  Perfect to see us all though the week.  If you’ve got the ‘perfect’ flapjack recipe, I’d love you to share it with me.  Variety isn’t so much the spice of life, it’s what keeps me sane!