What to do with to do lists.

Hello, I’m Rachel and I’m a Virgo. Now I know we Virgos are known to be perfectionists and hyper-efficient. My mother in law is your typical virgo. She runs like clockwork and never messes anything up. The only reason I remember to send her a birthday card on her birthday is because it falls the […]

Argi +| The powder that’s giving me power

Like many of us I find myself running around like a blue-arsed fly. I’m forever trying to get the balance right – good food, exercise, work, kids, sleep and the holy grail of working mums everywhere, some of that all important downtime. I know all about mindfulness & try to spend some time doing bugger […]

Okay I admit it. I’m a Fitness Fraud.

Okay, I admit it. I’ve become one of those people who wears lycra & a hoodie to give the illusion of a gym bunny. It’s out there & I’ve been rumbled. I wasn’t always a workout fraud. Not that long ago (alright, 6 months is a long time I admit) I wore my workout gear […]