What to do with to do lists.

Hello, I’m Rachel and I’m a Virgo. Now I know we Virgos are known to be perfectionists and hyper-efficient. My mother in law is your typical virgo. She runs like clockwork and never messes anything up. The only reason I remember to send her a birthday card on her birthday is because it falls the […]

Okay I admit it. I’m a Fitness Fraud.

Okay, I admit it. I’ve become one of those people who wears lycra & a hoodie to give the illusion of a gym bunny. It’s out there & I’ve been rumbled. I wasn’t always a workout fraud. Not that long ago (alright, 6 months is a long time I admit) I wore my workout gear […]

From the school gates to ‘Potato-gate’.

From the school gates to ‘Potato-gate’ Over the last few weeks the issue of school places has had the WGG tongues wagging.  We’re all well aware of the rising number of school-aged children in the town and the issue of primary school places.  The council are expanding primary education facilities for September 2013 and new […]

WGG Networking has arrived!

If you’re a woman, live in Wokingham, run a business or work in business, there’s only one place you should’ve been last Tuesday.  And that’s at the WGG Networking event! The event was held at Cantley House Hotel (the lovely Laura Robb, the events manager there, did us proud) and we had over 60 business […]